Hello everyone, and welcome to our new blog! Looks just like the old one doesn’t it. But it’s running on a whole new platform, Wordpress for those of you who are interested. And for the tech-saavy readers, there is now an RSS feed that you can subscribe to.

I know I’ve emailed a lot of you in person over the past month and a bit, and I still have a bunch of emails in my inbox that I need to reply to, but I thought it might be time to post an update on my condition. I’m doing really well these days - I’m back on my feet and back to work. I still have a few aches and pains, and going for a run is still out of the question, but in terms of my day-to-day activities, I barely notice that I’m still hurt. I’ve also started going to the local gym to rehabilitate myself, and while I’m still quite limited in what exercises I can do, I find I can ride the stationary bike well enough that I can at least get a bit of a workout. It feels pretty damn good after living a mostly sedentary existence since the beginning of October. Last week was a bit of a setback - I came down with what was either food poisoning or a violent but short-lived case of the flu - but this week overall I’m felling as good as I have since the summer.

Thanks to everyone out there who supported me through all of this. It was great to hear from all the family and friends back home, and it sure makes me miss it that much more.

Last week, Jen and I solidified our plans for the holidays, and we’re both going to be heading back to Canada for Christmas! Jen will be in Vancouver from December 23rd to January 1st, and I’ll be in Winnipeg from the 20th to the 28th, then in Vancouver until the 1st as well. I’m really looking forward to it - a few weeks of bed rest makes you pretty homesick alright. See you soon!

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