Thailand in 5 Minutes

Well, I have five minutes before this internet cafe closes to talk about our experiences in Thailand so far….

Bangkok: This is a crazy busy place, it’s easy to lose your sense of direction. It’s got some very cool temples, people like to hassle you for money but you get used to it, hot, excellent food here if you look for it!

Koh Samui: This is a beautiful island, very touristy, hot, food is pretty good, but overall nothing too special… Got a massage on the beach by a woman with no front teeth who kept hassling me all day, “Come ooooon, you know you want to… I will use aloe vela to help sunbuuun, I take care of you”. Massage ended up being pretty good, and was cheap.

Koh Phangan: It’s also an island in Thailand, and it’s the best place we’ve been to so far. Really beautiful beaches with not many people on them, beautiful green colored water, we’re facing the sunset. A little more rugged here, you get a spiritual feel off of this place, really low-key, kind of reminds me of Tofino on Vancouver Island for some reason. Food is very good and it’s way cheaper to stay here. We’ve got a beach bungalow for about $6 CAD a night. Needless to say we’ll be taking our time here. Now we know why people keep coming back to Thailand over and over.

Alrighty, time’s up. We’ll post some pictures soon!