Greetings from one delinquent blog

Well once again we have let this blog languish in the depths of our laziness. For shame. So let’s make up for some lost time…

It’s now September, and somewhere else in the world leaves are turning yellow and orange on the trees, and the crisp morning air reminds us that school is back in session. Here in Taipei the summer swelter has gradually given way to the autumn heat, and we’re back at work for the fall semester. Jen has recently started a second job teaching kindergarten in the mornings, while I’ve picked up some extra hours at my afternoon job, so work’s keeping us busy.

Our summer was awesome. July was spent in the islands of southern Thailand, and it was spectacular - every bit as beautiful as we’d heard, with white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise water and hot but comfortable weather - and although we spent some time in areas experiencing their so-called rainy seasons, we saw almost nothing but sun. If there was one downside, it’s that Thailand has embraced (surrendered itself to?) tourism so completely that there was little if any Thai culture in most of the locales we visited. But our main goal this trip was to relax, and for that purpose it fit the bill admirably well. I’ve put some photos of Bangkok up in the gallery, and some from the islands - the real goods - will follow in a little bit.

We even managed to meet up with a few friends from Canada there - Laura Davies on Koh Phan Ang, and Rebecca Porter in Bangkok. Laura had been teaching at a school in small-town northern Thailand, and Rebecca had just moved to Bangkok from China and was about to start work at an international school there. It was definitely great to see some friends from back home!

And speaking of back home, looks like I’ll be there soon, albeit temporarily - I’ve booked some time off over Christmas, and I’ll be headed back to Winnipeg. I’ll likely be spending a day or two in Vancouver as well, so I hope to see a lot of you soon!

That’s it for now - gotta go correct some grammar.