Well I’ve finally decided, and I’m sure you’ll all agree: It’s high time we got this blog going.

There’s really no excuse. Well, that’s not exactly true: there are tonnes of excuses. I’ve been making them to myself every day, every week I’ve been here. And not of them warrant a delay of - what’s the date again? - around 4 months or so.

What the issue is here is that it’s very easy to fall into a routine. Yes, we’re in a very foreign country, but, having moved past the stage where everything was bright and exciting and new, the differences between life here and back in Canada have gradually disappeared. We work, we study, sometimes we go out, sometimes we watch hockey. And as that would make for fairly dry reading back home, it would equally make for rather tedious writing.

Except, of course, that this excuse, like all of the others, is patently untrue.

Between living, teaching, learning and travelling, we have had countless experiences here that at least warrant mention, and more than a few that would make for a pretty good story. If the initial excitement has faded, if the sense of adventure has grown dim, it is only because I have forgotten how to look.

And so, for everyone back home, and for myself, this blog is now officially up and running.

As you read through, you’ll notice that there are two older posts here, both written by Jen some time ago. As a testament to my ineptitude, the original dates that she wrote them are indicated. Do the math yourself - that’s how long I’ve been trying to work up the energy to write this post and send out the mandatory mass email.

You’ll also notice the links on the left side of the page, which will send you over to my photo galleries.

And speaking of photos, you may discover that I have been nearly as remiss in my photo-posting as I have been in my blog-writing. Over the next little while, I plan on taking care of both - as I post more photos, I’ll also do some writing on our times in Taiwan over the past few months. I hope to catch up by the the end of June, at which point we’ll be heading to Thailand and beyond for a month-long holiday.

And here ends my first post. Except for just one more thing….GO OILERS!!!