Christmas, New Years, and back in Taiwan

River hockey on the Red

Well as you can surely tell by the picture, Jen and I were back in Canada for the holidays. And man, it was great!

I was in Winnipeg with my family for Christmas, and it was fantastic. I had been feeling pretty homesick this fall, doubly so while I was recovering, and the trip home has left me feeling recharged. I was afraid before I returned that I wouldn’t want to come back to Asia; now, I feel more like how I did when I first came to Taiwan one year ago.

Vancouver was great as well, although where Winnipeg had been 8 days of relaxing, eating, and more eating, Vancouver was all about trying to fit as much as possible and to see as many people as possible in four short days. And it didn’t help that I managed to smash up my rental car pretty good when some idiot in a Porsche Carrera ran a stop sign and crossed a major street without looking!

Two weeks from now, Jen’s parents are coming to Taiwan for a visit, a few days later Steve Holmes is joining us, and then in mid-February we’re off to Thailand for a two-week holiday, so the next little while should be pretty fun. Talk to you soon!